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Yamuna River

River Yamuna is a holy Indian river that originates from Bundar Poonch glaciers, located in the Indian state Uttaranchal. Jamuna, as this river called by its Hindi name, begins its journey from Jamunotri in the north of Himalayan Ranges. Yamuna River is 1,370 KM long.
According to ancient Indian mythology Yamuna was the daughter of sun God, Surya and sister of Yama (God Of death).

Yamuna rises near Jamunotri and then begin its journey through Mathura Vrindavan. After its long journey she moves to southern India and then meets Ganges at a point called Prayag. National capital, Delhi is located on its banks.

Yamuna according to Hindu Mythology is considered to be more sacred than Ganges since Lord Krishna use to play near the Yamuna.

River Yamuna has a rich flora and fauna around it and shelters various wild animals.
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