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Vyas River

River Vyas is one of the five rivers that flow in the state of Punjab. It is the second easternmost of them. River Vyas is also named as Beas (in Punjabi language). This river originates from Himalaya in central Himachal Pradesh. River Vyas after beginning its journey from Rohtang Pass at Himachal Pradesh and from there its flows to the western Punjab (where it is called by the name of Beas) and then merges to Sutlej River. In total this river is around 290 miles (470 KM) long.
Vyas River is named after the author of great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. It is believed that Lord Shiva cut the Bhrigu Tung Mountain with his trishula (weapon, type of a cross) to create a path which is now called as Rohtang pass.

The interesting fact about this river is that it was marked as the eastern most border of Alexander the great conquest in 326 BC.
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