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Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi, is one of the holiest and sacred places in India. This shrine is located in the caves of mountain Trikut (Trikoot), at Katra town of Udampur District in Jammu and Kashmir. This mystical and scared pilgrimage is located in very beautiful mountains mostly covered with snow. This temple is the second most visited place of pilgrimage in the India after the Tirupati Balaji.
According to common belief Mata Vaishnavi {Mother (goddess) Vaishno devi} sends a call to a pilgrim and then he finds himself compelled to visit her sacred temple.

There is one more temple built near this temple i.e. Baba Bhairo Nath Temple. It is said that the journey of a pilgrim is completed when he visits this temple after the Vaishno Devi temple.

According to legend it is said that one who visits this temple attains all the objectives (Purusharts) of human life. These being, Dharm (Righteousness), Arth (Material Pursuits), Kaam (Contentment) and Moksh (Enlightenment).
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