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Sangam River

Sangam is a Sanskrit word which literally means confluence. Sangam in not a river that originally originates but the confluence of rivers Ganges, Yamuna and a mythical river, Saraswati is called as Sangam. The collaboration point of these holy rivers is considered to be the most sacred pilgrimage spot. Sometimes this meeting point is also called as Triveni Sangam.
People come for holy dip in the Sangam River and wash away their sins and to get freed from the cycle of rebirths. This is the practice which is undertaken by millions of Pilgrims who come to Allahabad (Pragya by its ancient name) and take holy dips.

Triveni Sangam is the site for a major festival called Kumbh Mela which occurs after every 12 years. During Kumbh, Shradhalus (Pilgrims) gathers in Allahabad on the banks of Sangam and takes holy dip. This festival, at banks of Sangam River, has a record in Guinness book as the largest human gathering on the earth to take dip in a single day.
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