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Odissi dance is the typical classical dance form of Orissa and has its origin in the temples. Odissi dance deals largely with the love theme of Radha and Krishna.

The different items of the Odissi dance style are Managlacharna, Batunrtya, Pallavi, Abhinaya and Moksha.
In manglacharna, the dancer dedicates herself to the Lord and begs forgiveness of the Mother Earth by stamping her feet upon her; she apologizes to her audience for any shortcomings and offers salutations to the Guru.

Batunrtya is pure dance. It begins with a series of poses symbolizing the playing of the veena, drum, flute or cymbals.

Pallavi is extremely graceful and lyrical.

Through facial expressions abhinaya depicts rasa and bhava to bring out the meaning and mood of songs.

Moksha is the last item, performed to the accompaniment of rhythmic syllables. It has a fast tempo. The soul of the dancer is believed to get merged with the Divine as the dancer becomes ecstatic. Odissi dance is an effort to come near God and experience true bliss.
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