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Nisha Ghai

Nisha Ghai is the Director of the Institute of Palmistry. She has written the book entitled ‘Palmistry Guide’.

Palmistry is a method of counseling, with particular reference to the reading of the lines on the palms. It’s popularly held that the lines on the palm are the currents of the different centers of the brain. It is the thoughts of the subconscious mind that decide these lines. Since the lines reflect our thoughts, they constantly change, in keeping with our changeable thought and behavioral patterns.
She has been assisting Prof. Dayanand in reading palms and making predictions for more than a decade. She even contributes articles to leading women's magazines likes Grahlaxmi, Narittva and to leading newspapers as well. She has also appeared on many TV channels.

She also organizes correspondence courses, workshops and open classes on palmistry.
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