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Navratri Festival


Navratri is dedicated to Durga, the Goddess of Shakti and her nine forms. It is known to be a holy festival of the Hindus and last for nine nights. Navratri festival is observed twice in a year, once in the month of Chaitra and the other in Aswayuja. Devotee of Goddess Durga observes fast throughout the nine days and Brahmins are fed.
People celebrate this festival by offering devotion at the feet of the Goddess. This festival is celebrated in a traditional way and it symbolises health and prosperity. The main highlight of this festival is Dandiya and Garba Rass. Sweetmeats are prepared and people dress up in bright-colour dresses for the celebration of Navratri.
Festivals Year 2008 Year 2007 Year 2006
Durga Puja-
6th October 2008 18th October 2007 29th September 2006
Durga Puja-
7th October 2008 19th October 2007 30th September 2006
Durga Puja-
8th October 2008 20th October 2007 1st October 2006
Durga Puja-
Vajaya Dashmi
9th October 2008 21st October 2007 2nd October 2006
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