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Famous Adventure Activities in India

India is a land of diverse climate and topography. In India various hill stations can be found. India is surrounded by mountains at various places. These geographic conditions make India a land full of adventure activities. Various adventure sports are played in India and various adventurous spots can be found.

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» Camel Safari
The life line of the deserts is camels. In India camels are called as “the ship of the desert”. The trip to deserts in India is uncompleted without...more...
» Camping In India
India is land full of versatility and vivid colors. This subcontinent is a place where hills, forests, mountains and many more geographical...more...
» Jeep Safari
There are certain terrains in India which are unexplored. These remote regions of the India are very popular tourist’s spots. These areas are...more...
» Trekking in India
In almost every part of India, there is a variety of trekking adventure available. The high altitudes of Himalayas in India offer various...more...
» White Water Rafting
India is a country of rivers and is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas. This is the reason that India is a popular adventure sports hub.more...
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