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Dr. Prajarao

Dr. Prajarao is a chemical engineer by profession and he has an experience of around 50 years in Vedic Astrology. He has held top management positions in leading Public Sector and Private sector – as General Manager Etc. Before his joining as head of R&D in Industry, he was a senior faculty member at a leading university and Indian Institute of Technology for over 20 years.
He was one of the earliest astrologers to develop and use computer software for making astrological calculations. He is a renowned astrologer with many accurate and startling predictions to his credit. He writes regularly for some of the popular websites.

Dr. Prajarao is very much knowledgeable in Vedas and Upanishads. He basically combines the best of ancient sciences like astrology with modern sciences. SIFY, one of the popular website is having Dr Prajarao as a regular columnist. He also provides regular astrological consultancy to those want it.
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