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Ananda Shankar

Ananda Shankar, musiscian was born on December 11th 1942 in Almora, Uttar Pradesh. He is the son of Amala and Uday Shankar, who were popular dancers; and newphew of Pandilt Ravi Shanjkar. Ananda Shankar is a musician known for blending western and eastern styles of music. Ananda Shankar originally gained the knowledge of Indian classical music, and was later on exposed to the western trends, which inspired him to compose the vibrant fusion music. His compositions can be heard in airlines, films, plays, and even television.
Throughout his lifetime, he has performed with several musical maestros both in India and abroad, carving a niche of music that has a contemporary ting to it. In order to promote performing arts, he has set the Ananda Shankar Center for Performing Arts.

He passed away March 26th 1999.
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